Meditation is a way of quieting ones mind of the mindless chatter that we all seem to have on a day to day basis. Although there are many ways to meditate they all have this one thing in common. To quieten the mind and bring the body back into balance with the soul.

A 20 min meditation is as good as 4 hours of sleep and is an excellent way to help de stress. This is because the mind is only a tool that we can learn to control. By meditating we can consciously bring our brain waves into the theta sate , one level below that of sleep and so rejuvenate the body. The different forms of meditation all have the same outcome, the important thing to remember is to find a way that suites you, one that you are comfortable with. Once you have found a form of meditation that you are comfortable with , it takes practice and more practice. In the beginning it easy to become put off as you don’t get instant results, the path to successful meditation is to ensure that you have patience with yourself and not to judge yourself. There is no right or wrong way to meditate and as a result you cannot fail, success is in the journey itself. The intent to mediate is often enough to lead you on the road to successful mediation but it requires you to keep an open mind


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Message for the day

  " Prioritise your life
Find you inner soul
Be who you were meant to be
Trust your own inner guidance
And just do it


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