Chakra Balancing

The Chakra have come to West thorough the tradition and practice of Yoga. A Chakra is a center of activity that receives, transmits, and processes life force energy. The word Chakra literally means "wheel" and refers to the spinning sphere of energy located within the physical body. There are seven Major chakra's that run along the spine from the coccyx to the top of the head. There are also minor chakra's located in the hands, feet, fingertips and shoulders and run along meridians. Interestingly enough these often correspond to what we call pressure points and points used in Shiatsu.

Based on their location in the body, Chakra's have become associated with various sates of conscious, elements, and psychological health. Balancing your Chakra's works on a much deeper level than the conscious mind and helps release unidentified issues stored within those chakra's. Balancing your Chakra's will often help rectify that sense of wrongness you may be feeling by releasing negative emotions, thoughts, or expressing long lost dreams that you may have long forgotten you even had. As this is all done on an energy level, it is not necessary to identify or discuss the specific issue but rather facilitate its release from the chakra so that you can bring a sense of peace and well being to your everyday life. These issues are identified as energy imbalances and the release is achieved by balancing the energy within the Chakra's. Although may not be immediately felt, Chakra balancing has a long term effect of releasing stress and anxiety and bringing balance to your life.

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